MK Welcome Show

Last time I went to MK the Welcome Show was at the front of park, before you go under the train tunnels. The characters arrived by train and there was a song and dance.

I’ve heard they moved this inside the park now. Is it at the Castle? Is this a temporary change or permanent?

Yup, it’s at the castle now and it’s permanent for the foreseeable future (much to my dismay).

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Yes, it’s at the castle forecourt. It’s temporary.

This change is because of the construction for the Tron coaster. It’s in the area of the train tracks, so they can’t run the trains for several months. They do have one engine parked at the Main Street train station for people to look at and get photos. I don’t know when the train will reopen, it could very well be into 2020.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they wait until Tron is completely done in terms of construction (as opposed to “decorating” the interior of the building) out of concern for safety. Even if they get the train tunnel done, if any heavy equipment falls while the train is in the tunnel, it could be dangerous.

So, I really expect the train is more likely going to be closed until 2021. (Unless they finish Tron ahead of schedule.)

Mmm I don’t think so? It was originally moved because of “refurbishment of the train track” back in 2017 and then it was said it was moved because of “security and safety” because of the crowd that formed at the gates in the morning. Tron was never cited as the reason as far as I’m aware.

While I would love for the original welcome show to come back, I don’t think it’ll happen.

And I believe the train isn’t reopening until Tron is finished as well.


I don’t think that’s why. It changed at least a year, possibly longer, before Tron construction began. The feeling at the time was that it was for safety reasons.


Ah, ok. I concede on the reason why. That’ll teach me to answer too fast.

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So, what is the process now at RD at MK? If the park opens at 8am (not a EMH day), what time do they let you onto Main Street? What time is the Welcome Show?

8AM is an EMH day, I believe? Anything before 9AM I think qualifies (could be wrong though).

Either way, they open up Main Street roughly 7:45-7:55 on a 9AM open. Until then, the crowd simply gathers like it always has (which is why I find the excuse of “safety and security” very questionable) just past the tapstyles, but before the tunnel.

Mainstreet is completely accessible, but the various bridges/pathways to the lands are roped off. Once the welcome show finishes, they open.

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There are 8am regular openings as well as EMH. You still only get in around 7.45 though, not the full hour before.


I had also read this was a permanent change. As I saw it posted, WDW likes not having everyone packed into the area in front of the train bridge - for multiple reasons. Plus, it gives them more opportunities to sell food and merch before RD.

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The change (I think) is not temporary. The front of park show bottle-necked guests into a fairly small space, especially considering today’s crowds. If you didn’t make it early enough, you might not even make it through the turnstiles prior to park opening. The new location solves the crowd control issue Disney was facing… though it lacks some charm and nostalgia imo. None of that has anything to do with the train, or the Tron construction.

I have read that the welcome show was traditionally in-park, and was changed after 9/11 due to security concerns… which makes this a change back, rather than a change. This is before my time, so perhaps others can verify this (fake news?).

So for an 8am opening with 7am EMH, 6:45 will be the earliest opening to let people on main street?

I guess so, they might open just before 7, I’ve never been to a 7am opening.