MK Train

Newbie here… Does anyone know how long it takes to do the entire train loop at MK? It says 20min when you look up each of the stations (ie Frontierland), but not sure if that’s for an entire loop, or for each stop (therefore an hr to do the whole loop). How much time should I allocate on my TP?

I can’t really tell you the exact time but it’s def not an hour. I would guess 20 - 30 minutes depending on how long it stays in each station.

I’d guess about 30 minutes for the full loop, depending on how long the train has to stay at each station. Sometimes there’s a delay at the Fantasyland station.

Love the train as a nice break! We like to et snacks on our loop… Even though I don’t think you are suppose to :blush:

During our November trip, we rode the train the full loop. Twenty minutes sounds about right.

Welcome @khayes4!! 20 minutes is about right for a full loop. It’s a great break, enjoy!!