MK TP Help leave in 3 days

We are leaving in 3 days, I was wondering if someone would take a look at our MK touring plans. Its our first trip and my first time with a TP, wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything! Some of you have already made some suggestions and I appreciated the help so much! Thanks Erika

You seem to do a lot of backtracking on your first day. You will be tired with that amount of walking. MK is much bigger than you think until you have been there. We walked 14 miles there on 1 trip. Definitely eat lunch at Cosmic Rays before seeing Tink or eat at your resort. Main Street is pretty long and crowded to go up and down just for a meet and greet, lunch and then leave for break. Switch that order and your feet will thank you.

On day 2 you are doing the pirate adventure as the only thing in that area of the park. I would either move it to day 1 when you will be at splash or add an additional adventure land attraction. It will be a lot of walking for just the pirate adventure game. Would your kids like the magic carpets or even meeting Jasmine and Aladdin while you are over in that area?

The walk down main street is long, I still think you are better eating back at the contemporary after Tink

Hi again. First day…it’s a long haul from Buzz to Splash. I would just go straight to Splash/BTMR. You seem to be missing Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, and the Tree house on your TP’s. These are classics, I wouldn’t miss them. On Day 1, go to lunch (if you decide on Cosmic Rays) before you head to Town Square to see Tinker Bell. No reason to backtrack. After Tinker Bell you are right at the exit of the park for your break. Your TP is not using your FPP for ETWB, so rearrange to make that work. I would add 30 more minutes to your break so once you get back to the park you can hit Ariel and ETWB using both FPP’s.
Edited to add: Dang I type way too slow.

Great thank you! I am sure they would love to meet Jasmine and Aladdin, I will look into that!

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Yes, I think we are going to skip cosmic rays and eat at the contemporary since that is where we are staying! Thanks

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Great thanks so much I will take a look at that and see if I can make some adjustments. Pirates is closed while we are there :frowning: I will look at putting in the jungle cruise and the tree house. I think we are going to do lunch at our resort that day (contemporary) to help save some walking and time.

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Day 2: I agree about Pirates Adventure. Park will be mobbed at 3 pm and that’s a long way to push through crowds for 1 attraction. The Mad Tea Party after dinner isn’t placed well either: full bellies + spinny rides = vomit. :wink:

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Do you know anything about the Pirates adventure? I have 2 girls 6 and 8 should we just skip it and find something different?

We have never done it so can’t comment on it. It may be fantastic, I would just add a few things over there to do at the same time to make it worth it.

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There is also sorcerers of the magic kingdom, that has no time restraints


Also you do not have to be on Main Street for the parade you can have a spot closer to the Pirates adventure so you don’t have to walk as far, then take the train from frointerland to go back around the park to bring you near pooh

I will say this if I haven’t already:

You cannot see everything in one trip.

Pay attention to your girls, don’t push they may throw your entire plan out the window. Stick to morning plans the most because you can get so much done, but if they want to do something not on the plan, go for it, it may be your best memory.

It is a vacation not as marathon. Keep hydrated, the heat is intense, and you may not realize just how much you need to drink.


With young ones, I honestly think that you can get through maybe 10-12 attractions in a day. You would be surprised by how much time gets eaten up by potty breaks, snack breaks, and demands to re-ride something that’s going to take you a while to stand in line for. I was not personally willing to say no to DS when he wanted to repeat something, even though it was not an “efficient” use of our time.

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@Jedilogray and @manateesmom I agree, I am a planner and since we have never been I hated to go without some sort of plan but my hope is to stick to the schedule in the morning with a little more flexibility in the afternoons after a lot of deep breaths I have already decided if we have to chunk the entire plan it will be ok…its supposed to be fun, not rushed. Thanks For all the advise and help! And thanks for the tip on the parade, I added a note to my TP so I would not forget!

My kids are older than yours (11&13) but they have come to understand a few things about touring over the years. They know that the first few hours are golden, and if they stick to my plan they will get to ride pretty much everything they want to with little wait. After our mid-day breaks, the plan is just a suggestion. They can shop or do other things without as many time constraints. This works well for us during busy times. Now when we pass a ride with a long wait and everyone in line looks hot and miserable, my kids say things like “I feel sorry for them, they could have ridden that ride with us at the crack of dawn and walked right on”. But every family does things differently. What works for us may not work for you. Luckily on their first trip (late January 2011), the parks were as empty as I have ever seen them and there was no need for plans. Unfortunately we can only go during busy times now due to school. so the plans are the only way we can get as much done as that wonderful empty park trip!

Thank you all so much for your help!!

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Have a great time and let us know how things worked out for you!

Thank you so much!!! Our family was chosen to help Mickey open the park, it was amazing!! With the help of our TP the rest of our day has been as fantastic!!! Fun day with no waiting!!


Wow! That’s wonderful. What a great memory.

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