MK TP for Disneyland passholders?

Hi all,

We are first time Disney world visitors, but are Disneyland annual passholders for several years now. Does anyone have a TP for skipping all the duplicate attractions?

Also, anyone have recommendations of duplicates that are different enough that we should do the WDW version even if we have done California numerous times

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There are different things on the WDW version of Disneyland rides. Small World and Haunted Mansion are similar but definitely not the same. Start with rides you can’t do at DLR and br prepared for much more walking. I loved the compactness of DLR and DCA.

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I am in the same boat as you, but I am eager to ride the duplicates in order to compare and contrast. I used to think why bother, but after reading several trip reports, I have gotten curious.

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I’ve been doing some comparison reading. I think we are going to hit some of the duplicates, but skip a few that are the same, like dumbo etc

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I would suggest a different approach. Rather than playing “spot the difference”, go to your favorite rides and prioritize as your plan allows. When I compared DLR to MK I found that none of the reports made justice to how difference the experience feels.

For example, waiting to board your boat in the bayou for POTC is a unique experience that is more in line that the dingy dungeon at MK. Even entering the ride has a different atmosphere in both places. I like the DLR version better not because it is longer but because it feels driven by a true artistic vision.

This applies to all of DLR in my opinion. It feels like everything makes “sense”, everything clicks together. MK feels like it was built to herd masses, DLR feels like it was one man’s dream…well because it truly was.

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I’ve spent many days in both parks; here’s my (subjective) comparisons (attractions unique to MK are in bold):

Space Mountain - DL is WAY better; much smoother, better visuals, and music.
Buzz - Main difference is that one has fixed guns on a movable car, the other has movable guns on a fixed car.
Asto Orbitor - WDW is better because it is still up on the raised platform vice on the ground
Autopia/Raceway - Both terrible, but if I had to ride I would choose the DL version; much more interesting layout and nicer landscaping.
Carousel of Progress - Unique to WDW. It’s a classic and must be seen at least once.
Peter Pan - slightly different, but about the same. WDW version loads a bit faster
Mickey’s Philharmagic - Only in MK; it’s a fun 3D movie with typically short lines.
Fairytale Princess Hall - an elaborate meet and greet featuring - you guessed it - princesses.
Winnie the Pooh - Generally similar, but with a different execution. I enjoy them both equally.
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - The newest “headliner” in the MK, and one of the busiest.
Voyage of the Little Mermaid - Identical to the DCA version, but with a very cool (and long) queue to walk through to get to the ride.
Dumbo - The ride itself is identical (but MK has two of them). The circus-themed queue area is very well done and worth checking out.
Barnstormer - Identical (or almost identical to) to the kiddie coaster in DL’s Toontown, but with different theming.
Casey Jr. Splash Zone - quite elaborate and very wet…
It’s a Small World - The DL version is an order of magnitude better. The MK version is considerably shorter and lacks both the beauty and charm of the original.
Haunted Mansion - The ride itself is essentially identical, although the WDW version may have an additional scene prior to the SĂ©ance Room. The interactive queue at the MK is a marked improvement over the DL queue.
Hall of Presidents - In my opinion some of the finest AAs that Disney has ever created. Many consider it boring, I consider it inspirational. a must do at least once.
Riverboat - essentially the same experience, although the MK version is now longer than the DL version (since they cut off half the river to make way for SWGE).
Tom Sawyer Island - hard for me to compare as I haven’t been to the DL version in decades (before the pirate overlay), but what I remember of it, the MK version is larger and has more to do/see.
Country Band Jamboree - If you saw the DL version before it was converted to Pooh, then this show is identical. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a classic with great AAs; everyone needs to see it at least once.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Except for a few slight track differences, it’s essentially an identical experience to the DL version.
Splash Mountain - Conceptually the same, but the MK version is longer and I think more well executed.
Pirates of the Caribbean - Very similar, but I like the DL version better as it has additional show elements and a more cohesive narrative.
Swiss Family Treehouse - This was originally built in '71 as a clone of the DL version. Since the the DL version was converted to a Tarzan theme. Although I think the Tarzan conversion is good, the original is a great nostalgic looks at an early years DL attraction.
Tiki Room - Identical to the DL show, but without the talking tikis (and Dole whips) in the waiting area.
Aladdin’s Flying Carpets - a “spinner” similar to Dumbo but each “carpet” has 2 rows of seats and there are spitting camels.
Jungle Cruise - Conceptually the same, but the MK version is longer, and in my opinion “better” if you factor out the DL “nostalgia” aspects.

I have less than no interest in meet and greets, so I can’t say what the similarities/differences are between the two parks.

What you won’t find in the MK - Snow White’s Scary Adventure, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, Storybookland Boats, Casey Jr. Train, Matterhorn, Submarine Voyage, Castle walk-through, Roger Rabbit’s Car-Toon Spin (or any of the other Toontown attractions), Explorer Canoes (does DL still run these?), Columbia, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

Similar rides in other parks:

Epcot - Soarin’ is identical to the DCA version other than queue theming.

DHS - Star Tours - essentially identical to the DL version (assuming that DL converted to the 3D films) with a more elaborate queue. Tower of Terror is much better than the DCA version had been; haven’t been to DLR since the GotG retheme was complete. Toy Story Mania - the ride is more or less identical to the DCA version, but the queue is much more interesting.

AK - It’s Tough to be a Bug - identical to the DCA version, but the pathway through the roots of the Tree of Life is very pretty, and gives you a chance to appreciate the intricate carvings close up. Primeval Whirl - I mention this because the track is essentially the same as Goofy’s Sky School, but with cars that spin; I like it better than the DCA ride. Dinosaur - Although this is a “unique” ride to WDW, I mention it hear as the ride system/track design is identical to Indiana Jones in DL. Indy is a much better ride than Dinosaur, but the difference in theming makes it worth checking out.

Obviously there are many more attraction unique to WDW in these three parks, but I was focusing on “similar” attractions, per your original post.


And I have to echo what other have said… There is a “feel” in DL that just seems to be missing in the MK; DL feels authentic and the MK feels like a copy. Every time I enter the MK, I wish I was entering DL instead. As I’ve said in various posts through the years, if DL and MK were across the street from one another, I would choose DL every time. In fact if you consider all 6 domestic Disney parks, DL is my favorite and MK is probably my least favorite - but that doesn’t stop me from spending at least one day of every WDW trip there…

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Thank you for the detailed response. This information greatly helps with some decision making. The ultimate decisions will come down to available time and prioritizing new experiences. There are some similar attractions, like the haunted mansion, that are family favorites, and will be visited on principle, but it helps that there are a few we can exclude as identical. Things like Country bear, that I remember as a kid, but my son has never gotten to experience, will be on our list for sure, even if they are not necessarily prime ticket attractions

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When you get the chance, you have to try GotG. It is one of the best executed attractions in either coast. It is so good that ToT feels as a mere placeholder until they could do GotG. Just writing this makes me want to ride it again (and I just rode ToT two weeks ago). It’s akin to Indy vs Dinosaur, no comparison.

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And the final scene - at DCA the final scene is Disneyland and Sleeping Beauty Castle; at Epcot it’s Epcot and Spaceship Earth.