MK TP fit!

I’m trying to set TP for a fall trip before my 60 FP window opens - so I can see the best uses for FP. We have an 8am BOG (RD at 9. No EMH). I was hoping to do 7DMT and Peter Pan first. TP is insisting I will have a 30 minute wait for both. Really?? I don’t want to use a FP when I managed to get a pre-RD ADR, but I don’t want to start the day waiting an hour for the first 2 rides on a CL 4 day!! Words of wisdom??

Waits for these rides build up very quickly, but one thing to bear in mind is that the wait time for the very first attraction is based on the “average” guest who will make RD but not be at the front of the line at the tapstile. Liners, who will be at the front and will “walk with purpose” to the first attraction should see a much shorter wait time. Your wait for the second ride should be somewhat shorter as well, and then you can re-optimize your plan to take advantage of all the time yoU have saved.

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Trust your TP!! Better to go in expecting a 30 minute wait and then end up waiting less. Your pre-RD BoG gives you an advantage, but expect 30 minutes all the same, if it’s less you can do a Happy Hamster dance and move on to another attraction!!

Ok, I am going to disagree. I do not believe those times. First, you will be in line for 7DMT before the park opens and then you can go to PP before the line is 10 minutes long.

I think I’ve decided to chance it. We’re doing 7DMT followed by PP. I’m taking everyone’s advice. Plan for the worst and hope for the best!


When I did it I decided to go to PP since I am not a big fan of 7DMT. I was off PP by 9:02. I then headed to WtP and Space. It was a CL7 day. I was at Big Thunder after those attractions by 9:45 with a 5 minute wait- done with Splash a little after 10:00.

Its encouraging to hear that you packed so much into that first hour. We did the same and just by being at RD. I really thought the early ADR would give us a little extra. I guess TP just cant account for some things.

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