MK touring plan

So i may have posted this a while back, but since I leave tomorrow morning for WDW, I wanted to try to gain some more insight into my troubled MK Plan. I plan on hustling to 7DMT at rope drop, then continuing with my plan. My issue is that my optimized plan keeps ignoring some of my FP times, or taking me in a different direction. I do not profess to know more than TP, so I think I’ll just eliminate 7DMT from the plan and adjust it on my MK day?

I was struggling with this as well, and then realized you can click “evaluate” instead of optimize. So you want to start by putting stuff in the order that makes sense with your FPP and what you want to do, click evaluate, adjust if it gives you any warnings, and evaluate again until you get something that makes sense to you.


You can force the plan to use your fastpasses. There is an option for it if you expand the fastpass window on the page.


The thing to remember is that if the Optimizer is ignoring your FPP reservations then it has found a plan with a lower total wait time than the best plan that uses the reservations. It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you apply the option to force it to use the FPP reservations then you will end up with a worse overall plan.


yes i kept encountering that as well. It’s difficult, because this was a spur of the moment trip, and I did not have the very best options for FPP at most parks.

thank you!!!

With that, I might try to modify the FPPs (that morning if it doesn’t work before) to times that line up with the optimized TP. Is it sending you to 7DMT later in the day? I might play that one by ear, i.e. if it looks like you’re ahead of the rope drop pack, then go for 7DMT and otherwise stick with the suggested touring plan.

I got the rides but not the FP times I’d hoped for for our first MK day, so I’ve made two TPs, with all the same things in them but one with the FPPs we have and one with the times I’m hoping to modify them to. We have EMH so I also have a note to myself as a little 2 minute rest 10 minutes before EMH is ending, in case we’re ahead of schedule, of which ride to try to add on. The nice thing about having both TPs is I can optimize one/evaluate the other and compare, or optimize both, etc.