MK touring plan, pre and post

Not trying to be negative just wanted to share what happened to my touring plan after Disney made all their announcements the other day and how it’s helped make my decision easier.

A little info about us. This trip was just for my 2 daughters, my grandaughter, and I. (More emphasis on the Grandaughter of course) Originally scheduled 4/30-5/5/20 and rebooked to 8/20-8/25/20 with free dining due to park closure. Staying at PoP, upgraded to Dining Plan Plus to take advantage of Character meals, and had 6 day base tickets for all 4 of us. All in $4800 including air fare.

Had fantastic ADR’s despite scrambling short notice after first trip was cancelled. CRT Lunch, Ohana breakfast x2 (first and last day), pre-RD GG, pre-RD BoG, Storybook Dining @ Artists Point, H&V character breakfast w/ reserved seating for Fantasmic, a 10:45am Tusker House breakfast (to enjoy both Breakfast and Lunch) also part of the nightime plan with RoL reserved seating. Also had Akershus ADR.

Had everyday mapped out with appropriate ADR’s, times, breaks, touring plans, etc… as any true liner would. It was very close to perfect despite the late start in planning. Perfect plan for my 5 year old granddaughter in fact as everything was planned around her.

Then the announcement came out about cancelling the free dining (and all the other stuff) and I took a look at my main MK day and what that Touring Plan looked like prior and what it would look like now. At that point I knew I only had 1 option.

Pre announcement:
Early BOG ADR for 7DMT
Cinderella M&G
CRT Lunch
Break back at resort
7:00pm Artist Point ADR
Boat back to MK

Post announcement:
Early BOG ADR for 7DMT (Nope)
Cinderella M&G (Nope)
Fpp#1 (no fpp, Stand by)
Fpp#2 (no fpp, Stand by)
Fpp#3 (no fpp, Stand by)
BBB (Nope)
CRT Lunch (Nope)
Fpp#4 (no fpp, Stand by)
Parade (Nope)
Break back at resort (Same)
6:30 Artist Point ADR (Nope)
Boat back to MK (no need)
Fp#5 (no fpp, Stand by)
Fp#6 (no fpp, Stand by)
HEA (Nope)

If we were just going for the rides it may be a great time to go. We have a package booked so we have priority for park reservations. attendance will be limited so I’m sure we’d have minimal waits if planned correctly. But I came to the conclusion Disney is not just about Rides for us. It’s everything together. The rides, the shows, the dining, the experiences, the characters, the fireworks, exploring resorts, Disney Springs, boat rides, skyliner, monorail, even the bus is an experience for those of us who don’t use them everyday. And with that, we’ll wait til we can enjoy the " whole experience" again. Even if it’s not everything which I’m sure it may never be again.


I am sorry. You made wonderful plans. I am sure with more info, you will make great plans again.

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Thanks, I wasn’t to keen on August anyway. Late April, early May is our go-to choice. Once things go back to “semi-normal” I’ll plan something special again for her. Thinking of taking the $5k and getting a nice above ground pool we can enjoy all summer. Plus, masks + no misting fans + August heat = nightmare for me. I love my misting fan in the heat. Even here in MA. In August I bring a misting fan to the beach, golf course, and even out in the yard when I’m doing yard work. Of all the things they took away, the misting fan might have been the deal breaker for me. Lol.

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I am here in Massachusetts too! Is your granddaughter here too? Is she in school and hoping for the fall?

Yes, we are all here in S.E. MA. My grandaughter turned 5 in January and was to begin kindergarten this fall.

It might be different but I am sure kindergarten will be possible one way or another!

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Did Disney say that there will be no misting fans allowed?

no misting or non misting fans due to the spread of sweat droplets is what I have read in TP chat. I haven’t verified myself but it sounded legit.


The good thing about that age is they really don’t know what’s quite “normal”. My oldest daughter (her mom) is staying home with her and they do learning excersises everyday. I’m sure she’ll miss that when she returns but she’s been going full day preschool the last 2 years so she’ll adjust back just fine I feel.


Something similar here too. From UK booked beginning of May last year for September this year, 3 wks BCR with free dining plan - have just lost £3,500 free food!!! My reservations are disappearing from ‘My plans’ - still waiting to see what WDW are offering re our booking. Was to celebrate DD graduating from university - student nurse so has volunteered to work front line - and she has been looking forward to the trip for 3 years!

Depending what is on offer we may still go but we have an additional issue re getting into US - boarder restrictions need to be lifted as we will be travelling via UK as well as our booked airline route still needs to be in existence.

They are offering me 35% off my room only ($350) and the money back I paid to upgrade from QSDP to the DP+ ($450). So my $4800 trip goes down to $4000. Not enough savings for me to consider still taking the trip.