MK touring plan for March 1 - wait times seem low

I made a touring plan for MK for March 1st quite a while ago. I ‘evaluated’ it two days ago and the wait times for the first few rides of the day seem really off now. I tried evaluating again this morning and it’s still the same.

Does a 6 min wait for SDMT and 8 min wait for Peter Pan after seem reasonable? It was a lot longer of a wait before I re-evaluated a couple days ago. Also, 88 min wait for Enchanted tales with Belle seems odd too. MK is projected at a level 5 this day.

I just re-evaluated my HS day on March 3 and this just seems too good to be true. We do plan to get there early for rope drop but does this seem reasonable?

ETWB doesn’t open until 10 (according to your photo), and your plan has you arrive before 9. Thus, a long wait.

oh geez, I didn’t realize that. Thank you for the info!! That makes more sense.

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I agree, those first two wait times seem way too good to be true…