MK touring EMH evening WWYD

We have a MK day on day 4 of our upcoming trip. CL 7/8, closing 11p with EMH until 1 AM. The day before MK we are at Epcot likely until 10 P or so.

We have ADR at 12P (BOG) and 6 P (liberty tree). We have FPP spread from 1 to 7. We were planning to be in the parks the afternoon to evening doing less popular attractions. (Tiki, country bears, presidents, etc).

If you were to want to stay late, leaving around midnightish, what time should we plan to get to the parks? I don’t think we’ll try to RD on day 4 knowing we can’t have an afternoon break very easily!! I’m just wondering when to start my plan for the day- 10A? 11A?

I would be tempted to rope drop and leave right after BOG and then come back in time for 6pm Liberty Tree and stay through midnight. If you are determined not to leave the park, then I would arrive by 11:30 and walk straight to BOG for lunch.

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++ @Gnatjo We organized our last trip in a similar fashion and it worked out quite well.

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Hmmmm- we are staying at the cabins at Ft Wilderness, so I guess in theory going back for a break would be ok. I just don’t want to miss out on some of the less popular attractions (carousel of progress, country bears, tiki) bc I’m going w my parents this time and these classics are their priority.

We have a FP at 1 pm (7dmt) and I can’t move that. But I could move/change our afternoon splash in case we decided to go for a break.

With a morning opening time of 9 on a CLday of 8, it just seems like the morning will be nuts no matter what!