MK today curious on crowd level info

Hello Disney fans, here at MK today. As touring plans predicted the park level was 9 out of 10. We knew this going in as we have never been here with such a high crowd level rating. Was very busy and would anyone have any info or theory on why MK was so busy today? Would love to hear any comments on this as it was very intriguing to my family. We are coming right back to MK tomorrow to compare the difference. Thanks!

This time of year, every non-party day is going to be crazy busy. Wednesday and Saturday should be much the same.

Two of the possible reasons:

  1. I read on one of the bigger planning sites that a reason MK TENDS to be busier on Mondays is that a decent amt of ppl start their touring or vacations on Monday. MK is the preferred “start” park for a lot of families. I’ve even read that on some of the threads here. Things like, “It doesn’t feel right to start a Disney vacation in any other park besides MK.”

  2. Today, MK was open the latest - 11pm. For those that do not buy hoppers, the maximum time you can spend in a DW park is MK today. Along with that, if I had a hopper, I’d think about starting my day in AK for EMH, taking a break, then hopping to MK.

Also, wasn’t yesterday Walt’s birthday? That could potentially send more locals to the parks.

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Thanks all, appreciate the input this really helps!