MK to HS in time?

On our last day we (well, I plan for us;) to start off in MK with 8:05am BOG, ride 7DMT and then some FP. Our last FP is 12-1pm on BTMR (plan to be there at 12 or a bit sooner- can you get on a FP 15 min before its’ time?) We then have 1:45 ADR at 50s prime time in HS. Is that cutting it too close if we plan to bus it? I had originally timed it to be a short ride but then realized the bus may make other stops on the way slowing us down. Estimating transit time with never having been there before is proving to be quite difficult! Thanks for any input!

You can use a FP 5 mins before, not 15 - that’s after. Generally you need to allow an hour to travel from park to park so I’d say you are ok even allowing for the fact that you’ll be right at the back of the park.

An ADR isn’t an actual reservation in the sense that there will be a table ready for you at that exact time, so they will always work with you if you’re a bit late anyway. You won’t be turned away unless the restaurant’s about to shut. In most cases anyway. I’ve heard BOG is strict and I guess signatures may be too. But you’ll be fine at 50s.

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Park to park buses do not make other stops. That should help ease your concerns.