MK to DHS - how long

On Monday, 1/16, my mom, sister and I are taking my daughter to BBB. We have 10AM reservations. From my previous question, I know it could take 90-120 minutes. We plan to hop to DHS after this. How long will it take to get there? How often do the busses run between parks? We are meeting the rest of our family there so just curious what time to tell them to expect us. Thanks!

According to this, no more than 15 minutes. (Not including walking to the bus, or waiting for the next one to arrive).

According to this, you have to take the Monorail from MK to the TTC to catch the bus to HS. (Which I find surprising since the buses from MK to resort hotels is just outside the MK front gate.)

This indicates a direct bus exists from MK to Hollywood Studios:

There are direct buses from park to park. The bus ride itself is about 15-20 min (depending on traffic), but you have to add to that the time it takes to walk to the bus, wait for the bus, and the time it takes to walk from the bus to the park and clear security. The “standard” is to allow an hour for park hopping - and hope it’s shorter.

Thanks! That helps. i appreciate it.

There is also now the paid option that picks up and drops off in park which cuts down much of the time as you skip some walk out and more importantly security on the way back in. Think it’s $15 per day per person - although there’s an option for the trip as well which is relatively cheap per day if you’d use it more than once.

Something to consider if timing is really important. Early reviews have been fairly positive…


Oh yeah! Forgot about this. Here’s the details:

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