MK to CR to use buses to BB

After morning in MK can you walk to CR to use their buses to go to BB without having a ADR? It seems like I read somewhere that they wouldn’t let you into CR without ADR if you were not a guest due to Covid. I am trying to figure out how is the best way to get from MK to BB.

They won’t let people drive there and park (without an ADR), but you can walk over no problem. You can also use the monorail over to CR if you prefer.

Thanks so much. I’m definitely doing the monorail. It is the first trip for GS and want him to experience everything.

The only resorts with bus service direct to BB are CSR and ASMovies. For all others, you have to bus to AK and then catch bus to BB. So, you might as well just go to MK bus stop and take a bus to AK.

Is that back in place? It had stopped precovid .

Wow. Never knew that. But you’re right, as it says that’s the case according to Disney’s own website:

Good point. Looks like only at certain times? Might be worth a phone call to be certain.