MK taxi drop-off recommendations needed

If you were heading to Magic Kingdom via taxi and needed to keep your walking distance to the turnstiles to the absolute minimum, where would you have the driver drop you off at?

I have mobility issues and will be in this situation, and every step I take counts. My scooter will be waiting for me with my party at the turnstiles.

I have read about getting the monorail from a resort (Poly, GF) or walking from the Contemporary, but I am not sure what the best scenario in my particular case would be.


At the Poly, GF you could get dropped at the front door but then you need to get through the lobby, up a flight to the monorail. Once at MK you go down a ramp to bag check. I do not know if it will save you any steps?

I’d favor the Contemporary (or even Bay Lake specifically) drop off. Flat path walk to MK from there.

The monorail option will have you going up and down some rather steep inclines that I think you’d be better off avoiding. I know that downward slopes can be very tough on folks with mobility issues.

If flat steps are preferable to any inclines, go with the Bay Lake option.

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Is it an option to have one of your party bring the scooter to you at your taxi drop off point?

It may be. I may have them ride it over to me at the intersection before the contemporary. I think Uber can drop me off there. Thanks!