MK Table Service Dining recommendations

I’m new to TP and only been to Disney 3 times so I’m probably a Disney noob too compared to most of you! :slight_smile:
We have a reservation at Crystal Palace for lunch but wanted a recommendation for a good table service meal at Magic Kingdom. We have already done Be Our Guest and wanted to try something new. Should we keep CP? What do you think?

Our favorite table service at MK is Jungle Navigation. The food is always above par and the service is fantastic. Or we’ll hop over to one of the resorts (Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Polynesian, or Wilderness Lodge) to take a break, decompress, and eat there. Afterwards we’re ready for round 2 at MK.


Agree - the Skipper Canteen is the best TS in MK.


I really like Skipper Canteen as well, but if I had young kids, I would probably select CP. Not the best food, but the characters…

I love Liberty Tree Tavern.


For years CP was the one TS meal we had on our trips. I think it is a solid choice. It seems that people have positive or negative experiences at Skippers. LTT has an interesting new lunch menu.

I did Skipper Canteen this last trip for the first time - enjoyed it greatly. So I’m onboard with all those recommending it, as well.

I love, love, love Crystal Palace for breakfast. I’ve never been for lunch.

We’ve been to the Crystal Palace a couple of times and have really enjoyed it. Maybe also get the boat to HDDMR at FW or go to California Grill at the Contemporary. We did that and went back to the park afterwards.

I must agree with Missoverexcited. Liberty Tree Taverm is a diamond in the ruff. If you are a Thanksgiving type person and likes that type of fair, you will love it. Kind of a George Washington time period background.

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Also my favorite. Frankly, I hate CP and Tony’s. A lot.

Also on the top of my list is The Hoop De Do Review.

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I love the Hoop Dee Doo! Always fun and just a boat ride away from the MK

Wow the skipper canteen menu does look good. Okay good to know I have a “good food” option as well as a “character and possibly decent food option” at CP.

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We were not impressed with CP. The charcters were great, but the food was meh at best.

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I’m on board with the Skipper Canteen group. I added it last minute on our trip in October and it was the best food we’ve had in MK and one of the best meals of our trip.

LTT is a must and Skipper’s is a must try this trip.

You all got me looking at skipper canteen… that menu looks awesome!

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The worst thing about the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd Skipper’s Canteen is its name. Several of us here have given it completely different names, which is definitely confusing if you’ve never been there before. Is it Skipper’s Canteen? Is it Jungle Navigation? Is it Co. Ltd (well okay, I haven’t seen that moniker).

If ever a restaurant needed its own acronym, JNCLSC is one… but… even the acronym is hard to remember. :rofl:


Love LTT!
CP is fine, but it’s really more about the characters than the food.
We also enjoyed our dinner at Skipper’s Canteen.