MK shows for 3 year old

Any reviews on Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire or Majesty Makers? Trying to decide what to incorporate into our TPs. Any others you’d recommend?

When are you going? My kids always loved to stop and watch those shows if I could time it right but they were never interested in standing around in the heat waiting for them to start, either. My kids also really liked the dapper dans.

My son would watch for a few minutes if we happened upon the show, but neither was something we planned to wait to see. He tends to like the rides more than the shows, though, anyway. (I think I enjoyed the shows more than my son!)

Late November to early December. Maybe I’ll just note the times so we can stop by if we decide to.

My DD hasn’t ever really experienced anything like this so it’s hard for me to predict what she will like!

So it will be less hot. That’s good. My kids also loved the pirate tutorial, the muppets show in liberty square (my DD4 and DS6 spent half the summer singing “great moments in history”), and move it shake it dance party.

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Move it shake it parade is so fun! Especially for 3 year old. Kids love that they get to join ther party!

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