MK - Saturday or Sunday?

We’re going to the World the week before spring break season starts, but our plans are to do Magic Kingdom either on the Sat or the Sun of Spring Break season. That is, March 12 or 13. Both days are rated a 7 by Touring Plans, but just about every other (probably not as reliable) site out there rates both these days as 10s. I’m considering doing MK during the week but the weekend really does work out better for us.

Any advice?

Also, we’re not staying on property, so I can only book my fastpasses 30 days in advance. Since I want a fastpass for 7DMT, this would be a consideration in making my choice of day.

Does anyone have experience booking the fastpass for that ride 30 days in?


You can track which day you will have a better chance on FPs with this site: I think with a good plan you will have a great time regardless of the crowd.

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Thanks. That is a cool Fastpass availability tracker, if accurate.

Indeed a good touring plan makes a big difference. I always use one, but it would be nice to go on a day when we aren’t fighting the line ups at counter service, bathrooms and snack shops, too. That’s why I’m trying for the optimal day for touring MK.

I would probably do MK during the week rather than the weekend. Regardless, I agree that as long as you have your touring plan with you and optimized, you’ll be fine no matter what day you go. Oh, and make it a point to eat early or late for your meal times. We did this on our last trip and it seemed to really help us in avoiding a big meal rush!

We did 30 day FPP during Sept, “slower” time but we still had luck getting everything we wanted. Some I couldn’t get until the week before we left, just keep checking back if you don’t get something because people’s plans change and they could end up dropping some. I used the link @PrincipalTinker provided and also just tried changing them on MDE until what I wanted popped up.

We did try to eat early last year. I had it on my plan to eat at 11:30, but an unexpected long line up at Peter Pan kept us an extra 45 minutes. I know, I know. Why would I think there wouldn’t be a long line up at Peter Pan at that time of the morning. But it was actually more than my plan had predicted, so that set us back. All went well, though and we caught up, as we were just at counter service, not late for a reservation.

Good point about checking back. I think I did that last year and went from a 6:30pm reservation to a morning reservation on the Mine Train. Taking a second look worked out for us.

You’re probably already set by now on which day, but a reminder that Daylight Savings time goes into effect that wknd (so losing 1 hrs sleep Sat night into Sunday). Our plans are adjusted accordingly, not a.m.ppl to begin with!


That is an excellent point! Other years we’ve done a morning RD after DST and it was hard.

Yes, we decided on the Sat, mostly because I did test plans for each day and found the Sat saved just a few extra minutes where it mattered to me, so what the heck. Thanks for your reply, though.

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Hey Ariadne how did it pan out for you with the 30 day window for booking FPP for 7DMT? I’m off site for my trip too and 7DMT is on our hit list :slight_smile:

We did the Saturday and I was up right at midnight (I think that’s changed now, not sure). I got a 3:40pm time slot, but that was the earliest I could get. It worked out perfectly for me, though. I was able to arrange everything else around that. The day ended up being a 9, but we really only noticed it as we were leaving for dinner. We even found ourselves so ahead of schedule that we fit in a whole other ride (Philharmonic) that we didn’t expect to be able to see. All in all, for the crowds, we did really well. Rope drop is the way to go. Oh, we ‘walked with purpose’ to Space Mountain and were down by 9am, as the park opened a few minutes early.

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Fab sounds like a good day - thanks for the update

Good luck with yours, too. :slight_smile: