MK rope drop ideas (Oct. 2021)

We are headed to MK on Thursday and staying on property so get early entry. My touring plan suggests rope dropping PeopleMover which was a surprise. I had thought Seven Dwarfs? Any suggestions based on recent experiences? Disclaimer - it is our first trip since 2017.

Are you using the post Covid plans?

If you published your actual plan we might be able to see why. On the plan near the top is a button that says “publish this plan”. Clicking that gives you a URL that you can post so people can see your plan. Don’t panic, they can’t change it.

I have no advice.
But you have my sympathy
TP always gives me odd RD recommendations (Muppets, Navi, Tea cups etc) and then wait until opening
I’m hoping it will come to it’s senses closer to my trip date