MK Railroad

Can you board a railroad at one of the three stations, run a full loop, and get off at the same station as the one you boarded, or are you required to exit at the next stop after you board. In other words, if you want to see all the segments, do you need to incorporate all three stations into your TP?

Board and exit as you please


When you list the railroad in your plans, just list it once, using the station you plan to use. TP gives it 20 minutes, assuming you are doing a full lap back to your starting location. Don’t list all 3. Unfortunately, it doesn’t handle just doing one or two sections, where you end at a different location.

If you want to see the full route, getting on once and riding the full circle is really your best bet, otherwise you’ll have to wait at each station. I can think of virtually no circumstance where riding the railroad from one location to the next would be “faster” than walking - with the exception of avoiding MS if it’s packed with the parade crowd. If you’re just strolling the park with no real plan or schedule it can be a pleasant sit-down break, but in all honesty, there’s not really a lot to see while on it.

It’s more of a train thing. I would never use it as transportation from land to land. But I know my DS well enough that he will see the locomotive and it will be a can’t miss regardless of the quality of view. I’d be surprised if the first thing he says upon entering the park is something besides “Can we go on the train?” I wouldn’t dare skip it, lol

The best part for seeing things I are the scenes, animals etc near Frontierland. I can’t remember if there are some before the station but once you leave the station there’s lots to look at. The stations are quite cool too, especially Fantasyland.

I love the railroad. Nice break too.

I get it. That would have been me when I was that age… :slight_smile:

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Very little to see between MS and FrL; the best scenes are around the back of Rivers of America. I agree, the new FL station is pretty cool.

I did this with my 20 month old son, he was very tired and cranky. I went on with him and road around for 5 full times while he took a nap. It was very relaxing. No one said anything about how long I was on.

The DL RR really has so much more to see on it. Not much between MS and AL, but in FrL you get to see an elevated view of the final scene of Splash, the “wildlife” by Rivers of America, over a trestle in FL and then right through the middle of the iasw facade “palace”. Between TL and MS there is the Grand Canyon diorama, and the the Primeval World diorama (home to the dino AAs brought in from the NY Worlds Fair Ford pavilion (which I saw at the Fair and served as the basis for the dinos used in the middle section of UoE in EP). More often than not I skip the MK RR, but I always try to ride the one at DL.