MK possibilities

I plan on doing MK over two days but my parents are opting for one day. We will all be together on our first MK day. Here’s the question, is it possible to fit in seeing the parade, an afternoon break, dinner and find a decent place to view HEA? It’s (predicted to be) an EMH morning at 8am which we plan to take advantage of. HEA is at 8pm.
Thank you for your thoughts :heart:

What month? Will the parade be
at 2 or 3?

I doubt it. If the parade is at 3 (it goes to 2 during party season) I wouldn’t plan on being back at your hotel till 4.30. 2 hours back at the hotel, you’re not back in MK until maybe 7.15. Dinner at 7.30, out by 8.30 if you’re lucky. You could maybe, maybe do it if the parade is at 2, but it would be too rushed for me.

Unless you’re staying at a monorail resort? That would cut travel time down.

Do you want QS or TS for dinner?

Oh I assumed TS but yes QS would make a big difference.

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It will be February so parade is at 3pm.
Dinner could be TS or QS

Could your afternoon break be at a Disney resort nearby that you could also have early dinner?
GF has a really nice comfy lobby!

We will be staying at AKL Kidani and have a rental car. I fear the dining at AKL will be to exotic for my parents and kids palettes

Will you want to nap during the break or just have a sit down?

I honestly don’t know. My dad can fall asleep anywhere :slight_smile: but my kids will be 9 and 6 and haven’t napped since they were 3. I of course want to do it all but I know that if I push everyone too hard no one will will enjoy it as much as I hope

I would ask everyone how important the parade is. If it’s not that important, skip it.

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You could always do lunch at Wilderness lodge and then rest a bit in their lobby. They have super comfy chairs. Grab the boat from MK to WL, lunch at Whispering Canyon (very affordable table service and tasty!) or at the Roaring Fork quick service, hang out in the lobby for a bit or walk around Wilderness lodge, take the boat back to Magic Kingdom in time for the parade and start your next round of touring. Sometimes just getting out of the park can be enough of a break.


I have a VERY picky DS9 who loves the food at both Mara and Boma. I agree that it would have been harder at Sanaa or Jiko, but the others have something for everyone.


I have done EMH morning, parade, dinner, and fireworks. But as mentioned above the parade being at 2pm really helped, and we were staying at Bay Lake- so we walked to our resort quickly for a 2 hour break.