MK Plans - Thoughts?

Thoughts on these TPs for MK?
Day 1:
Day 2:

Important Pieces:
First trip to WDW with the kids will be in 1.5 months (yay! :grinning:) and after hours and hours of toying with the TPs, I’m pretty happy with my Epcot & AK ones; but still not entirely positive about my 2 MK days.

About us:
Kids are DS6 & DD10. DS6 swears he has zero interest in any characters. DH will be using a scooter but can walk/stand for shorter periods of time. Due to the scooter and my super slow 6 year old, I’ve set walk speed to the slowest level.

Day 1 at MK: Plan to do mid-day break so we can do RD and see fireworks (kids will NOT last from RD to fireworks straight so this is essential).

Day 2 at MK: Plan to do RD and stay until after the parade then high-tail it out ASAP to make a 5:00 ADR at DS (don’t want to push it back since it’s at the Irish spot so i’m hoping to catch the show that starts at the top of each hour).

Given that…thoughts on whether these plans make sense? I’ve published just one version for each day (I’m splitting the kids up a bit in the AM Day 1 while DD does Belle & SM and on Day 2 while DD does Merida; just published one version here though for simplicity.)

Sounds fun! What is the Dumbo holding area you mentioned?

Online it sounded like the “queue” area for Dumbo is now a play zone where you get buzzers while you wait rather than standing in line. I thought my 6 year old would enjoy the play area while trying to kill a bit of time before his Buzz FPP even tho he doesn’t want to ride the ride.

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He will! I think there is definitely plenty of atmosphere in that area for you guys to chill in Fantasyland. If it is warm out, he could play in Casey Jr’s splash pad too! (Bring a towel.) :smiley:

Oh cool, that must be new. It wasn’t like that 1.5 years ago when we went.

Sounds good! The only thing I would caution about is “high tailing” it anywhere. You might want to consider an Uber / Minnie Van service from MK to DS just because they can go door-to-door much faster than anything else (including the bus or even driving yourself).

If you’re referring to Raglan Road, good choice! We love that place and always have amazing food and service. The shows get a little loud, but it’s all part of the experience! Also if you want to see the show, ask for a seat near the floor. Because of how it’s raised, it’s not easy to see the dancers from everywhere in the restaurant.

Thanks. Had not considered that.
Do the Minnie Vans take scooters though?

Good question - I’ve been told they do have “accessible” vans but we didn’t use one. Knowing Disney, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t offered. They also carry carseats if that matters.

Do you already have FPP for the rides that are in the Touring Plans? My only concern would be trying to grab the FPP for 7DMT, which is almost as tough as FOP at AK. That was what certainly put a damper on my plans in early February. But we were off property, so that also didn’t help!

I would say that you should ride Dumbo though after you play in the queue, and skip the Magic Carpets and get a FPP for Jungle Cruise instead. The humor is great, the animatronics/animals still look great, its a long ride so you get some off feet time - and its a personal favorite of mine. But if someone in your party loves Aladdin, then I totally understand riding the Magic Carpets. But you should be able to secure FPP for Magic Carpets or Jungle Cruise after your AM ones.

Yes, our TA got the FPPs in the plan. We are on property so I am sure that helped.

Dumbo - DS may change his mind when he sees it but isn’t that familiar w/ Dumbo so didn’t seem to pysched about it. But I thought the Magic Carpets themeing seemed cute and like something DD might want to do too.

Jungle Cruise - that’s helpful to hear. I hadn’t really thought it seemed worth the time investment. If we’re able to move our lunch up a bit on Day 1 (nervous already about tryign to make our way back out at 2:30 pre-parade!), then I’ll try to get us back to the park earlier so we can squeeze it in or think about trying for it pre-parade on Day 2.

From googling apparently they do have accessible ones; but you need to ask for one and sounds like they might be tough to get.

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No input on the quality of the plans since I’m not a WDW veteran but I have similar plans made! My family will be at MK the same days as yours. We’re also doing a rest the first day and shorter, no break, day the second. I just wanted to chime in because it’s funny what a “small world” it is. :wink:

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Good luck to you! Hope your family has a great time and that our mutual plans turn out well! :slight_smile: