MK Pirate Tutorial Closing end of September

Following on from the news about 4 of the Citizens of Hollywood getting axed, comes the news that the Pirate Tutorial is closing at the end of September.

Oh, and while we’re at it, the Star Lord and Groot meet and greet at DHS is also ending. Guess when?

Noooo! We never got to meet Starlord and baby Groot, gutted.


I don’t care too much about the pirate tutorial, but I’m not happy about Star Lord and Groot!!!


I didn’t know about Starlord and groot when we were there on our first trip in Oct. I don’t know how I missed it in my Disney education! We are going again in Dec and I am so bummed they won’t be there anymore :frowning:

I was wondering when Starlord and Groot was ending. It seemed that they had been putting meet and greets for new movies in that space and they had been there a long time. I wonder if Wreck It Ralph will replace them since his movie comes out in November.

Thanks for the info, I had the pirate tutorial in my TP, will remove.