MK parade

Can anyone confirm the time for this? On WDW site it says 3pm but when I put it in my touring plan it says it’s 2pm?

It is changing to 2 pm later this month.

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Wow, thanks! We were just making plans around the 3 o’clock parade!

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Maybe I’m telling you things you already know, but it starts in FrL at 2:00, but takes 20-30 min to make it down MS. Also you’ll need to be in place by around 2:30, no matter where you watch it from.

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Thanks everyone, this is useful!

Does anyone know if the change in times (3 to 2) for the parade is permanent? My tp’s for February still say 3pm and I have refreshed several times.

I think it’s just during party season but I’m not 100%.

I just looked at Disney’s site. They show 3:00 for the few dates in Jan and Feb that I checked. I agree with @missoverexcited that it was maybe only during the party season.