MK Parade Watching Location Near Fairytale Hall

Where would be best to watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade near the Princess Fairytale Hall? Are there any lunch restaurants in this area with a good view of the parade? Our touring plan is coming up with us having lunch then doing some character meets at the Princess Fairytale Hall right before the Festival of Fantasy Parade so we can either just stake out real estate, or move lunch and watch while we eat. Thoughts?

You could walk by the castle path towards Sleepy Hollow but most of the seats to eat are in the back. You need to be at the path in front of SH in my opinion.

What’s the wait time on those in your TP? I waited 30 minutes for Rapunzel/Tiana before the parade a few weeks ago and that was on a CL 2 day.

Thank you for the insight, Cgerres. I thought the wait times for the character meet and greets in my TP were a little short. None of them are 30 minutes and I know we waited about that long last I was there on days I’m sure could not have been over a 4 on the crowd calendar. Probably not even that.

We have a group of 9 with just 3 kids so I was thinking one adult could take the three kids to whatever meet and greets they can manage while the other five of us stake out some really good real estate on the parade route nearby. Then we can just give over the best viewing real estate to the kids just before the parade. Last time we were there this worked fairly well. We actually ended up just giving our five spots to our kids plus a few others in the nearby area and were still able to see by getting everyone to line up by height. May have been just lucky but we had great views for everything this way.

I think that’s a great plan. In that case, I’d look for a good space on the castle side of Liberty Square. Somewhere between Liberty Square Market and Sleepy Hollow. That way the kids can take that side castle walkway. I’ve heard the hub is a much more crowded spot to view the parade, so that might be harder spot to grab.