MK opening when it’s EEMH in September

How does opening at MK work when it’s EEMH? I’ve only done it at normal opening. Main Street opens an hour before opening and people queue up to get in the lands
Does everyone get held outside at the turnstiles and then all let in at 7? I hope that makes sense.

I don’t think anyone really knows how it is going to work yet. Still have a while until the first one. It’ll be interesting to see though!

It’s only an hour. Just like at Christmas.

It’ll work just like any other EMH. They’ll open about 15 minutes early. The opening show will be at normal park opening.

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Great thanks, so need to be there about 6:30?

How long before opening will the buses run?

Hmmmm no idea!

The buses will run early enough to get there for EMH.

Even for DHS!