MK on a 7, or save most exciting til last (a 10)

I’ll be taking an 8 and 3 year old on their first trip to Disney March 20-25. Was initially planning to do MK (2 day touring plan for small children) on Sat and Sun to go on a less crowed day–a 7. I’m torn, because MK will be the most exciting for them so I would rather save it until last and do it Mon and Tues, but the crowd levels are 9-10. Just wondering what might be most important based on others experiences? The other two days will probably be AK and DHS.

I would put it in the order you feel like would be most fun. You’re going right in prime spring break time so truthfully it’s going to be pretty busy either way. Just follow your touring plans, be at rope drop and move quickly in the mornings before it gets too hot and you’ll still enjoy yourself.

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Personally I would do MK days first and last. It is definitely the most magical and you’ll be happy to return to it. :slight_smile:

When we go it’s generally 9s and it’s not that bad. Do what you feel us best but have a good plan and take breaks!

We arrived on Sunday and didn’t do MK until Thursday. DD8 HATED that plan. Get the kids to MK sooner rather than later.

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Thanks everyone for the replies! Our dining reservations at CRT ended up making the decision for me. Even getting up to book them at 5am only left me the option to do MK at the end of the trip. Even booking at the end only left me with a single option (at dinner). Got it done, though!