MK Multiday touring plans

I am trying to set up a multi-day customized touring plan due to some of our particularities, such as needing a midday nap, no height requirements, etc. I have a list of attractions we would like to see in the MK. I am trying to figure out whether it would be best for us, kids with tiny legs, to focus on a particular area or two for the days we are touring it or try to break one of the other ones up into multiple days? Other suggestions? We are planning on between 2-3 days in the MK.

We do 2 days and split the park in half at fantasy land sticking pretty much to 1 side each day Must do rides done at rd and tp for first 3/4 hours. then after lunch or pm no tp.

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I often try to set up 3-5 must do’s per MK day and work around that, adding resort and meal breaks.

In my experience, if you can do two RD mornings, that’s best.
The 1st morning, I’d suggest concentrating on the Tomorrowland
rides during that 1st hour that build up lines throughout the day.
The 2nd morning, I’d do Fantasyland 1st thing.

Good use of FPPs takes care of the rest nicely.
Given the park layout, if you’re looking to minimize walking,
Adventureland on the Tomorrowland day makes sense,
while Liberty Sq & Frontierland make sense for the Fantasyland day.

Not sure how “little” your kids are, but if they’re old enough, don’t
forget Tom Sawyer Island… an overlooked favorite of little ones where
they can run & stretch out & explore a bit. :smile:

Best to you.