MK morning/afternoon crowds on MVMCP

Hello everyone.

I found something similar from a couple years back, but I was curious if any new data or experiences have come out on this.

We plan on hitting MK on a Thursday in early November. There is a MVMCP that night. We aren’t staying for the party, and plan on leaving MK by 3 and heading back to the resort for dinner and swimming.

Is this still a smart strategy? We wanted one half day during our trip and this seemed like good use of it. Are the crowds still low in the morning/early afternoon on these party dates?


As of MVMCP Dec 2016, absolutely! Morning and early afternoon crowd levels on party days will be very low. Makes touring awesome!

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Can you effectively spend about 4 hours in the park without FPs? I’m thinking of taking advantage of the low crowds in MK on 2 MNSSHP days and then hopping to other parks, so I’d like to use the FPs there. We’d want to hit our favorites (BTMRR and Splash) and maybe a few others, but also do some things we don’t normally have as much time for, like SotMK, Pirate’s Adventure and some character M&Gs.

We’d do RD and one of those days is EMH. So 2-3 hours of rides without FPs is doable, right?

I’d definitely think your plan is doable. If you are there for RD, you can get BTMRR and Splash Mountain both done in the first half hour without a FP. I’ve done that easily in the past, but I do walk fast!

If your 1st 4 hours are RD to lunch, then you can get a lot done. The closer it gets to lunch, and then the closer it gets to 4pm, the more crowded it will be. Waits will be longer and moving through crowds - especially in Fantasyland - will feel cumbersome.

I don’t generally see characters unless I have a FPP because they all get really long lines.

I would look into which rides you want to do at your afternoon park that you are hopping over to… and see how likely 4th,5th, etc fast passes are in those parks at those times…

So we are also heading in early November. The crowd estimator has MK at crowd level of 10 on November 12th which is a MVMCP day, so I don’t really get it…there are two days during our week which are out of control busy. Either everyone in the universe has caught on to Veteran’s Day being primo visiting time or maybe it won’t be as bad as they say. I went on Vets’ Day a few years ago and it was very manageable.

I gonna guess that the crowd level was set before the party date was plugged in. I’d have to say the 10 is solely for Veteran’s Day without the party. I bet when this gets updated you get a much more manageable prediction.

Wondering how to manage MVMCP days as well. 5 out of 7 days we are there.

How many days do you plan on visiting MK? If you have hoppers, from what everyone seems to be saying is you should definitely visit the morning/afternoon of a party, then get out and go somewhere else for dinner, nighttime show and few rides.

I am planning on hitting MK at RD on a party day, leave about 4:00, go back to Poly to freshen up and then Ohana for dinner, Trader Sam’s for drinks and enjoy a nice relaxing evening.