MK Mirable meet missing from Touring plans?

Hello, I’m not to sure what the proper procedure is but I think the Mirabel meet and greet is missing from the Magic Kingdoms touring plan. I would like to add it so it can be optimized but for now I think I can just add it as a ‘break’ so I don’t forget.


Other than the major attraction meet and greats, many of the character appearances are not options to select when creating a touring plan. The touring plans have been like that since I started looking at them over 5 years ago.

For unlisted character meet and greets I put a “break” into the schedule like you mentioned. You can get the times for Mirabel’s appearances on any given day in the MDE app each day. Note: I have found the times for these character appearances and their breaks to often be off from the times in MDE. My last trip to WDW in October, we went to meet Mirabel at the time shown on the app that day and she was on a break. The CM at that location couldn’t tell me when Mirabel would be back. That was the only time that fit in our schedule so we missed out on meeting her.

I like to use a meal location as my placeholder for characters. I select a dining location in that area and set a time + duration. I do this because when using a “break” the plan will not accurately calculate the walking time & distance to the M&G from your last steps.

It makes the predicted waits for the steps that come after your characters more accurate as well…IME

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Thanks for the helpful suggestions all!

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