MK meet and Greets-TP

when making a personalized TP, do you guys just add breaks when going for meet and greets that there are not options for to add? make sense? does anyone have a TP they can share that has M&G with Tiana, Fairy god mother…It would be nice to that option so it at least shows up on your map

Yes you would need to add it as a break. Because some of them don’t have official wait times they aren’t loaded into the TP.

Yes, character meets are not something Touring Plans accounts for. They can explain why doing so is such a complex problem, but it would be great to have some feature that showed the scheduled character meet times and locations that could at least be manually added to plans.

Kenny the Pirate has been talking about a touring plan feature for his mobile phone app, though I’m not sure if it will let you optimize plans for specific character meets, if it will just include premade plans, or if you’ll just manually add in each step. I don’t know that he’ll be able to account for different wait times for those meets and I suspect it’ll be part of his paid app, but I’ll be interested to see if his plans can fill in the gaps on days when character meets are important.

Yep, I just added them in as a break for 20-45 minutes (depending on the character), and listed their M&G times in the notes so we would be early for their set.

Yeah, a break is what’s needed. The modeling for M&Gs is difficult and other issues keep popping up that require our time.