MK Hours and BOG

Hi! I’ll be going to Disney in May and our first park day is MK on May 26. I’m hoping to score an early BOG reservation tomorrow (180 day mark) and then be one of the first in line for 7DMT before the rope drop crowd. My dilemma is I see that the park opening that day is 9 am but last year on that day, park opening was 8 am. When does Disney typically adjust park hours? If they change it to 8 am, there’s really no point in me doing the early BOG breakfast. I’m staying off property so I’m guessing I won’t get a 7DMT FP 30 days out. We’re planning on 3 days at MK so maybe I should make a BOG reservation another day too just in case they end up moving up the park opening to 8 am that Sunday. Thoughts?

I did the exact same thing as you are, but one day earlier, on May 25th. I plan on canceling mine if the hours change. Just make another on a day you think they might NOT have an early start, there’s no harm in it and it’s easy to do. I’d do it on all three days. You’ll be dropping two, weeks before the date, so someone else will get the opportunity to go.

As to when the hours update, I don’t know, but someone here surely will.:grinning:

Thanks for the advice!

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Did you want to eat at BOG or just have a PPO? I would make 2 ADR one for 8am and then another one for 9:30 or 10 am and then cancel one.