MK HEA viewing

I’ve heard ‘the hump’ being mentioned numerous times as a good place to watch but last visit I couldn’t work out where people meant, Can anyone clarify? Add a photo? Or is there a better spot? We were crushed on main st last time with two little ones who couldn’t see a lot, as people pushed in front at the last minute

I’m not sure what “the hump” is either (but I’d like to know too). If you can spring for the Dessert Party in the plaza viewing area, that is my favorite spot. But, if we don’t do the dessert party, I’ve found these areas to be good (red arrows). The areas around the little fenced-in gardens mean you won’t have anyone around you on one side, and while you can’t stand on the fence, there is a little elevated cement base under the fence about 4 inches tall that you can stand on to boost yourself or your kid up a bit.


This is the view from the lower red arrow in the map, with me standing on the little 4 inch cement base of the fence. You won’t block anyone else’s view, because you’re against the rail of the garden.

Here is a helpful link:

However, I think this is a better diagram in my opinion. I am short and the #4 spot is the magic spot for me. Any closer, and I cannot see.


The green 3/4 area is the “hump” (just past the end of main street).

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I’m trying to get my bearings… Are you standing with your back to the fence?

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In that photo (at the lower red arrow location), the fence runs straight in the direction towards the castle, so it is on my right side if you’re standing square looking at the castle. That has been my go-to location on about 3 occasions. A CM even told me while we were staking the area out that it is one of the best spots.

In the hub area, there are a lot of obstructed views due to the street lamps and hanging flower pots. This area is free of those for the most part.

How early do you have to get to the fireworks to nab that spot?
Thank you

It kinda depends on the crowd levels for the day, but I usually stake out our spot for any fireworks show or parade about an hour early. DW usually will take our boys to do a ride, get ice cream, etc while I’m waiting. We’ve had a stroller the past several times, so it makes it easier to block the space while they’re away.

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