MK HEA Seats and Treats party * July 2023

We decided to splurge a bit and do the Seats and Sweets Fireworks party at MK.

Just to clarify there are 3 different versions of MK fireworks parties:

  • Pre-Show. Treats and Drinks, then escorted to the hub standing area for the fireworks
  • Post-Show. after the fireworks (standing area in the hub), you enjoy treats and drinks while everyone else makes a dash for buses, monorails, and ferry boats.
  • Seats and Sweets - seated on the Tomorrowland Terrace DURING the fireworks.
    For the record there are also ferry boat desert parties, Contemporary fireworks parties, but the three I mentioned are inside the MK.

Seats and Sweets Price $114/pp

Treats. There are a assortment of a dozen bite size treats and sweets ranging from pudding and mousse, to fruit, cheese, mini cupcakes, and cookies. All of the treats are … meh. Just ok. Typical mass-produced Disney treats. But most are decent, and its all you care to have.

Drinks. They have water, tea, milk, Pog Juice, beer and wine, and sparkling cider for families with kids to toast the night. All beverages are included and all you care to have. They are not out and visible for some reason, but bottled Coke or Dasani are also available, but you have to know ask for it.

Seats. Seats for the fireworks and good views are unbeatable on the Tomorrowland Terrace, and the main reason to do this, not the actual treats. Sure beats standing in the hub for an hour, with 15,000 other sweaty fellow humans, then to have children put up on shoulders in front of you. For the HEA show, a large portion of the show content is projected on the front of the castle, and trees block most of that effect from viewing, but the fireworks are close and impressive. No one does fireworks like MK. Spoiler in HEA a very famous Fairy takes flight, and in the direction of this event. Very cool.

Arrival - the app said that check in was 8:20, for a 9:20 show. Entrance is by the Golden Stitch statue. We were meandering in the area and noticed people entering at 8pm, so we went in and took our spots. They seat you … sort of. Most of the guides allow parties to select an open table appropriate to their party size. But again, we were entering early. That may have changed as the event filled up more. Two-seaters are at the railing. 4 seaters and more are in the 2nd row, but every seat is a great seat.

We are HUGE fans of HEA and glad it is back. So we loved everything about this evening (except the quality of the treats). We’ve recently done Spice Round Table fireworks at Epcot, and this HEA Seats and Sweets was a better experience. But it should be … for the price. Great for a special Occasion.
Pre-covid, we had also done the PRE-SHOW treats. Treats were roughly the same, and escorted to a reserved area in the hub, 20 minutes before the show, was still a nice experience, but it is standing area.


I agree it’s totally worth the splurge for the seat for such a spectacular show as HEA.