MK FP openings for Tues 3/17

I just noticed that there have been a lot of FP’s opening up for harder to obtain rides like SDMT or SM in the MDE app for 3/17 for the last couple min. Especially for evening/night times, some when in the mornings. If anyone wants to possible change their FP’s go check out out.


You aren’t kidding! Just moved half our times to slightly more optimal ranges and shifted an Oga’s reservation. That’s crazy

I’m not sure I’d bank on WDW being open then… Disneyland just announced it’s closing.

Not looking good. Figures because we’re supposed to arrive Sunday. And we can’t reschedule until the fall because of stupid FSA and other various testing for the remainder of the school year. :confounded: I swear my family is jinxed. To the point that my friend said we need an exorcism lol. We have AP’s that will expire a couple months before we can go back too.