MK fireworks first day - too much for my kids?

We’re coming from the UK and I’m not sure how jet lag is going to affect us. I assumed my kids (13 and 8) will be awake super early first day so I’ve booked a character breakfast and plan to check out hotel and swim in the morning, rest after lunch in our room before heading to MK late afternoon until after the fireworks.
Providing they rest and chill watching TV after lunch (I doubt very much they’ll nap), do you think I’m planning too much for their first day? Day two is a 7am start for another park and I think Day one might be the only time I can fit in watching the MK fireworks at the castle.
What do you think?

It’s really hard to say. Excitement might carry them through, especially since you’re not doing a park in the morning, but it might not. Won’t they be desperate to get to a park the first morning? I can’t imagine spending it at the pool. They’d be a lot more likely to nap in the afternoon and be fresh for the evening if you did a park too.

I would try to find another night where you can watch HEA just in case. Even if you do see HEA the first night, you might want to again. It’s pretty amazing. It’s always a good idea to have 2 later nights in each park, and to have a later start the next day if you have kids.

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Hmmm, we are planning on watching fireworks from California Grill one night but I wanted them to see it at the castle once too. Might have to rethink, like you said they might be keen to get to a park first thing. I know I will be!

I went from Europe to Disneyland, 9 hours of jet lag. Park was the day after arriving. At 5am I was 100% ready to go and full of park energy (opening was at 8am, I had to arrive at 7am to be inside on time for BGs). By 5pm I was super tired, and I left the park at 8pm completely dead (but very happy).

I would try to plan for a lot of energy in the morning, and a slower afternoon. At least that had been my West bound jetlag experience.

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I’ve never experienced the jet lag of coming from UK to USA but everything I’ve ever seen here from our UK friends is that at the start of their trips they are up crazy early and ready to go and have a much easier time of later nights as the trip progresses. I’m curious what made you plan your first day in the way that you have; it would seem more suitable to someone coming from the west coast.


The projections make the show. Unless you’ve seen it a lot, which obviously you haven’t and I haven’t either, I wouldn’t recommend watching from outside the park.

My boys are super excited about the pool because we’re staying at Yacht Club and the pool looks amazing. But I think I’ll take advice and assume they’ll be up and ready to go early for a park. Wish I’d thought about this as it’ll probably screw up my DDP reservations now!!

Why not ask them? Maybe they are more excited for the pool than the parks. You know them better than us.

The reservation finder will help you out if you do decide to move things around. How far away is your trip?

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We’re not going til August but I’m conscious places like California Grill book up early. Wondering whether to eat there early and walk to MK to watch fireworks instead of timing dinner with the fireworks? I’m terrible at decision making!! It’s our wedding anniversary that day so we definitely want to eat there.
As for the first day, my eldest is happy with doing Epcot a.m. and the hotel pool p.m so I might change plans for that. Might see if I can get brunch at Garden Grill.

Garden Grill is so good! I bet reservation finder can get you anything you need with that amount of time.

First day is now Garden Grill breakfast at 8.15am, (assuming we can get in to Epcot via International Gateway before the park opens?!);
Morning at Epcot;
Rest after lunch;
I’ll have to squeeze in MK fireworks another night.
Thanks all!


Yes, get there as early as possible because they’ll let you in around 7.45 and GG seat in order of arrival.

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This will work better for all of you. Good work!

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The International Gateway will be open. Don’t think for one second that WDW will make it hard for you to spend money. The IG is also a super chill park entrance for Rope Drop or emh, and also a nice exit spot. Less crowded. If you are staying at YC, you’re going to really appreciate being able to walk or boat to or from Holllywood, too. The walk to Epcot can’t be beat, and having the Boardwalk at your backdoor is nice.

If you guys like sushi - Kimonos at Swan is a hidden gem (but you can’t use DDP there.)

Ice cream - Ample Hills on the Boardwalk is mandatory for us.

Thanks for the tips. Good to know IG is going to be handy for us. I can’t wait!

When we’ve gone to WDW straight from home (EET, 7hrs ahead) my kids (5 and 8) get up at 4-5AM. We are back at the hotel by 5PM and super tired, they’re asleep by 7PM. So we don’t even try to stay up for the first couple of nights. The hardest part about the jetlag is trying to hold off lunch til 10.30 when most places open :joy:

When we’ve travelled from within the US and are already accustomed to the time difference, it’s of course different.

Thanks, that’s useful.