MK Firework view

I wonder if you can help me. I want to watch the 3rd July fireworks, I can´t get any availability for any dessert parties in MK, California Grill is full and so is Ohana. I understand I can see them from the beaches at Grand Floridian and Polynesian resorts, but I wondered about Wilderness Lodge or if anyone has any other ideas?

I have a 17.50 reservation in Narcoossees but I don´t think I can make dinner last over 3 hours there.
I can get Hoop Dee Doo Revue, The Wave of American Flavours and Whispering Canyon café for the right time period and wondered if they were suitable.

I can´t do big crowds and feel there will be too many people in The Hub for me to cope with.
I have the reservation finder working on Ohana and California Grill for me.
Thanking you all in advance


Can’t answer everything but can tell you WL is not an option.


You could watch from the 4th floor observation deck at Contemporary, but I would think on July 4th that could be kind of busy/crowded. Any Fireworks cruises for that night?

Is Cali Grill completely full for all times? If you can get a reservation for earlier in the night, you can eat an earlier meal, leave, and then return with your receipt to watch fireworks from the viewing area. I’m not sure if that works for a later ADR. It might.

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Yes unfortunately

Hi Beth,

Nothing available, was thinking of trying the California Lounge but reckon everyone else will have the same idea

What about a reservation for Kona Cafe at the Poly? It’s not Ohana, but should be pretty good. Try to be done with dinner in time for the fireworks.

Why do you say that? I have watched from the CL viewing deck and I saw last month that the sign on the 5th floor deck says it opens 30 minutes before fireworks? The CM told me in the past they pipe in music. I just don’t know if anyone has done it recently?

I have also a 7.40 at Kona Café,


The Poly beach is a great place to watch.

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Oh wow !!! That sounds nice, sorry if I said something not true. :lying_face: I have only been to the WL once about 3.5 years ago and I asked if we could see the fireworks from there and the CM said no. However, there were some refurbs at the time so maybe it was because of that ?

Maybe! I watched from the top floor. I know the CL CM told me you could see and they piped in the fireworks but I did not look to see if any trees currently block it. Funny, I could not find those viewing balconies a couple of years ago but I was exploring when I was waiting for my laundry and I found some cool areas in the 4th and 5th floors.

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