MK Entrance Attraction Posters - Pictures of the frames

I have about 10 more large subway size attraction posters I want to frame up. Some from MK WDW, some DL.

I want to make frames for them that resemble whats at the park (doesn’t need to be exact), and I was wondering if anyone had an decent in focus higher res photos, that show the frame detail. I found some on Google, but nothing great, so I figured I would ask here.


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You might’ve come across these, but here are a couple of larger photos:

These are just from google, I was curious to see the frames since I couldn’t recall what they are like

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I did, was hoping for a little more detail. Thats def not bad tho. They didnt seem all the same when I first looked, but now seeing it on the desktop (vs my phone), I guess thats enough detail.
I wonder if its a molding I can find… Not going to kill myself though, building them myself so its affordable. Thats why they have been in their tubes for over 10 years, lol.
Younger Me - “Oh, lets get these awesome giant posters!!! They’re not expensive!!!”
Younger Me After Getting Home - " A FRAME FOR THIS IS HOW MUCH??!?!?!?!"
Older Me - “Hey! I have the tools and the skills, I can finally make my own frames!”


Here’s a link to one I shot of those pics from 2009: Pirates
There are 2 others that are the prior pics, but the frame is relatively dark and difficult to make out so I think they are less help.

And here’s another from 2010: Tomorrowland
There are 6 others there as well. Hope those help a little…

Oh Wow, thank you!!! These are much higher resolution, this totally helps!!! You rock!!!

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Happy to help out - hope your able to match them well. I’ve always loved those attraction posters on the “tunnel” into MK & the frames are pretty cool…

So far I have not been able to, I can come somewhat close, but not exact. I am learning a lot about what moulding patterns are called tho, lol.
Worst case scenario, I pick something in the same spirit and width, and paint it in the same gold /black manner. I am not trying to spend hundreds of dollars a frame. More like $50, which is possible with standard decorative mouldings.
I will post a pic when I complete one.