MK EMM breakfast

what’s the prevailing strategy in eating breakfast at the new EMM. have you changed strategies since more attractions are now open

I haven’t done it yet, but am scheduled in March. I plan to be in Fantasyland until right before 9, go over to Space Mountain and get at least one ride in once the park opens, then head over to Cosmic Ray’s before breakfast ends at 10. I have FPPs starting in Frontierland shortly after 10.

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Here is my touring plan for MK EMM at the end of January to give you an idea.

How did the new EMM work out for you? Do you have an update on how your plan worked? We are doing it in June and I’m trying to determine the order of attractions. I’m fine skipping out on IASM and tea cups as we can snag an extra FP for those later in the day. My goal is to get at least 3 rides on 7DMT, meet all 4 princesses, ride PP, and WTP. I’d like to hit space right at 9 and buzz immediately after if time then have the breakfast.

I’d like to know as well! Sounds like from others on chat that what you are suggesting would be doable.

EMM worked out well for us. If I had to do all over I would have concentrated more heavily on 7D and PP. I would probably just ride PP and WTP once each and the rest on 7D. Maybe add princesses if that is a priority. Small World take up a huge chunk of time as does Little Mermaid by the time you walk up there and through the ride. In my experience Small World, LM, and Tea Cups are fairly easy same day FPP to get so I would skip because 7D and PP are much harder to experience. We didn’t meet the princesses.

We rope dropped Space and were among the first on, so doing EMM allows you to rope drop pretty much anything else in the park. Because Tomorrowland is so close I recommend jumping over there and breakfast is there as well. After we roped Space we did Astro, followed by breakfast and then Buzz. By the time we reached Buzz at 10am standby waits were 30-45 minutes. It might be better to do Space and Buzz before breakfast and then see how long lines are elsewhere.

CL were higher than expected so plan overall underperformed. But still I hit everything in EMM at least once except princesses and 7D twice, roped Space, then Astro and breakfast by 10am and Buzz lightyear & laugh floor by 11ish.

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How much time did you leave for breakfast? I’m trying to decide when to stop riding and head over to eat.

We got there around 9:45 and maybe sat for 15-20 minutes. They’ll serve up to 10am so as long as you arrive before then you can order and pickup and sit for as long as you want.


Awesome follow-up - Thanks so much!