MK EMH process?

Our upcoming trip will be our first time since the new MK Welcome Show/Let The Magic Begin was implemented. We plan to visit MK on a day where we can take advantage of morning EMH.
MK is currently scheduled to open at 9am - and I understand that, with the new welcome show, anyone can get into the park at 8am but are confined to Main Street until 9am.
Since it is a morning with EMH, does that mean that we will also be able to get into the park at 8am but then have access to the different lands? Or will we be able to enter before 8am?

Usually pre rope drop reservations are left into Main Street around 7:45. Then around 8:00 everyone gets in. As a resort guest you will be allowed to enter Fantasyland and TomorrowLand from 8-9.

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Ok, so sounds like we should still plan to enter at 8a - then hit up a few attractions before catching the new welcome show. We have toured MK in a clockwise circle (starting at Swiss treehouse) and that has always worked out so well for us.
This time I’m wondering if it would be better to do something like Enchanted Tales, Mine Train, and Little Mermaid rides first - then welcome show - then our normal clockwise routine starting at the treehouse.
(My kids will be 7 and 4 - and we’ve never done EMH at MK before! We aren’t 100% committed to making the welcome show but I am curious to see the new format.)

I’ve not been, so this is all secondhand advice that I have gleaned. But the line for 7DMT builds very quickly, so either do it first or FP it. Enchanted Tales is pretty long, so it will eat up quite a bit of your morning EMH.