MK EMH (AM hours)- which walkway is open to get into Fantasyland?

Which walkways or shall I refer to them as spokes from the hub are open to get into Fantasyland for morning EMH? I am assuming that Tomorrowland is the one where the Tomorrowland sign used to be. Nearest MILF and the old Stitch ride.
But not sure which one to go to for Fantasyland. Trying to make TP and can’t decide if I want to rope drop Fantasyland or Tomorrowland first. DD doesn’t want to get involved in the chaos for 7DMT and hoping for a FP.

I don’t think you can go through Cinderella’s castle until after the opening show, “Let the Magic Begin”, is done. I’ve had PPO ADRs at CRT and this is the direction I was sent.


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That’s kind of what I was thinking. Last time we rope dropped PP on a non EMH day and we went straight though the castle. So if I have to go through the same was as the 7DMT people then I guess we either need to brave rope dropping 7DMT or just stick to TL since it would be a long walk from that spoke to PP.
Hoping that the crowds will be low since it’s showing as a CL 1 day the 7am EMH is really early for a lot of people. Me included, but I will have to just deal with it!

Last time I RD’d Fantasyland - 2017, the spoke to the left was opened and we went to PP.

My last visit was 4/26/19 - 5/30/19. Not saying you are wrong or anything, but this is how I recently experienced EMH in the morning and PPO breakfast dining.

Maybe they allow the RD guests to queue away from 7DMT. However the EMH & PPO guests went to the right.

It very well could have changed as things often do. There will be CM at each spoke available to assist if needed.

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