MK - EE and Genie+ and EEH - TP ideas

For anybody willing to reply, I’d like to request ideas / framework for an all day touring plan for MK.

  1. Wednesday, August 17. Current park hours 9a-10p, EE at 8:30a, EEH 10p-12a, crowd prediction 6/10.
  2. Staying at Beach Club - is wdw bus service the fastest way to get to park opening by 7:30a (7:45a good enough?).
  3. Will have Genie+
  4. Want to watch the new fireworks show
  5. Will stay until midnight
  6. Touring party = DW, DS’s of 14, 11, 7.
  7. Have a 2pm ADR for Liberty Tree to consider.

We do have a second day for MK but DW wants to do as much as we can in this one long day. We are not trying to hurry though this day since we can finish off any stragglers on our second day (which will be Saturday, August 20 (5/10 crowds). No rides or shows are off the planning table, my wife would do every single thing given the opportunity.

I’ve read a ton (as much as I can handle at the moment) about MK EE, G+, EEH. Many of the articles focus on doing one (EE but no G+, no G+ but EEH, etc). I have not yet found a good recent write up of touring MK using EE, G+, and EEH in total combination.

I’m interested in how you all might approach a day like this. Where would you start for EE, what the G+ strategy might be, and recommendations on watching Enchantment while positioning for EEH.


So I would keep in mind that only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open for EEH. I would either rope drop 7D or PPF if I was close enough to the front of the pack and then head toward Frontierland via the walk past HM. For LL I would choose JC first bc that line is horrendous and those LLs sell out earliest. I always like to focus on Frontierland and Adventureland between rope drop and the noon parade. That should get you up to your LTT reservation. Then I’d stack LLs for after lunch and move to FL where wait times are more reasonable.


Thanks. I did know about early entry encompassing only TommrrowLand and FantasyLand. I didn’t remember about extended evening hours having the same limitation.

Oh I was only referring to the morning hours. I didn’t realize you meant the evening hours. Those are a free for all and basically the whole place is walkon except 7D and PPF.

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Here’s what I’ve got so far. This is early entry + frontierland + adventureland up until my 2p ADR at LTT.

Does this look ok?

First, G+ usage strategy:

  • 9:15 AM at Peter Pan’s Flight (using BG1 at 7am)
  • 10:30 AM at Pirates of the Caribbean (grabbed at 9:15a)
  • 11:00 AM at Splash Mountain (wild card grabbed at the 10:47 drop while riding PotC)
  • 1:00 PM at The Magic Carpets of Aladdin (just because we can but should I start stacking here instead?)
1) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 8:39am 26 3 0 3
2) Peter Pan’s Flight 9:11am 5 3 0 2
Uses Lightning Lane for 9:15am-10:15am
3) The Haunted Mansion 9:21am 13 10 0 7
4) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 9:51am 18 7 5 4
5) Pirates of the Caribbean 10:25am 5 8 13 4
Uses Lightning Lane for 10:30am-11:30am
6) Splash Mountain 10:55am 6 18 0 3
Uses Lightning Lane for 11:00am-12:00pm
7) Country Bear Jamboree 11:22am 7 10 0 1
8) Festival of Fantasy Parade 11:40am 0 45 0 1
11:45am for 45 minutes
** Staying inside the park
Notes: Parade
9) Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade 12:26pm 0 3 0 4
10) A Pirate’s Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas 12:33pm 0 15 4 3
11) The Magic Carpets of Aladdin 12:55pm 5 2 0 1
Uses Lightning Lane for 1:00pm-2:00pm
12) Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room 1:03pm 7 16 0 1
13) Swiss Family Treehouse 1:27pm 2 13 6 2
14) Liberty Tree Tavern 1:50pm 0 90 0 1
2:00pm for 90 minutes
15) Liberty Square Riverboat 3:21pm 4 16 0 1
16) The Hall of Presidents 3:42pm 11 23 0 6

This hits everything in those two lands except Jungle Cruise and Tom Sawyer which I’ve moved to Day 2. It’s also easy on the walking and not a lot of back and forth. It also sets up nice for the parade at noon in the shade around the shootin arcade.

If I miss the 10:47a drop for a splash mountain LL for 11a, we’ll skip it and either ride it later that night or on Day 2.

Do you think TP’s time estimates are accurate enough? At least up until LTT at 1:50p?

I agree.
LL for JC for 9/9:30ish.
Then PP, HM.
Tap into JC and start some stacking.

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I’ve read enough to convince me to move this off EE and instead ride it as the last thing of our night since we have EEH.

Still keeping the 9a LL for PP, and now traveling over the Tomorrowland bridge during EE, what can I get in before PP?


Then PP.

Doable and worthy?

FWIW, if you’re able to get an 11AM slot for Splash at 10:47, you can tap in, book an afternoon time for, say, JC, and clear the 120 minutes before the 1:17 drop, where you can try to get a BTMR slot before your lunch.

At 1:30 or so, you can stack another late-afternoon return (since you’ll be at lunch during the 120 minutes), then after lunch focus on stuff with quick return times.

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Oh I like this idea. Thank you!

They just extended MK park hours for August 17th to 11 pm. I’m assuming that means the evening hours will go to 1 am then.

When we stayed at BCV this past March, the first bus to MK held us on the bus until right at an hour prior to early entry. (The bus arrived at BC a tad before an hour and a half before early entry.)

We disembarked at MK and we were first at security/taps. Then we were let through taps a l out a half hour prior to early entry and held at FL rope until right at early entry time. We were right behind rope and walked on to 7DMT.

Thankfully it was up and running that morning.

I’m close to being able to share the entire day’s plan. Can I please ask for a second, third, forth set of eyes on this Genie+ execution plan?

I think I understand enough about the new system + with BG1 usage = that this works. It’s return times are based off BG1 usage (just playing around during the day) and thrilldata from 7/13/22.

Step Number TriggerForGenie+ Genie+ExecuteTime Attraction Est. ReturnTime
0 NA 7:00a Peter Pan’s Flight 9a
1 PPF tap in 9:00a Pirates 10:30
2 Pirates tap in +wait for drop 10:47a Splash 11a
3 Splash tap in 11:15a Meet Mickey Town Square 7:10p
4 120m passed + wait for drop 1:17p Big Thunder 1:30p
5 Big Thunder tap in 1:30p Meet Cinderella 4:30p
6 120m passed 330p Skipping this as I can’t figure out what to do
7 Cinerella tap in 4:30p Under the Sea 5:10p
8 Under the Sea tap in 5:10p Barnstormer 5:30p
9 Barnstormer tap in 5:30p Dumbo 5:40p
10 Dumbo tap in 5:30p Mad Tea 5:50p
11 Mad Tea tap in 5:50p Monsters, Inc 6:00p
12 Monsters tap in 6:00p Meet Tiana 9:30p
13 Meet Mickey Town Square tap in 7:10p
14 Meet Tiana 9:30p

Are you planning on securing a LL for meeting Mickey at Town Square? Those are going quickly, even faster than Jungle Cruise. I’ve been following BG1 and drop times daily for the past 2 weeks in preparation for our upcoming trip, and I was surprised by how quickly the Mickey greet LL opportunities disappear.

Yes, step 3 above. Thrilldata from Wednesday indicated that around a 7p return time can be expected at 11:15a.

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