MK Early morning magic Dumbo?

I happened to look at the lines app and at the Disney app and noticed that Dumbo has posted wait times before park opening, during EMM this morning. It’s not a ride that’s listed as included in the package, but apparently is included today! Does anyone know if this is typical?

Dumbo and / or The Prince Charming Carousel sometimes are available for EMM. It just depends if they have the staff and the ride testing is done in time.

However, on the MDE App, you’ll see wait times posted at most rides in the parks before the parks even open. It’s their predicted waits once people enter the park.

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I have only seen times listed early when they let people in early. Some days it is several minutes after opening time when they post times. They do sometimes start things early. I was on RnRC and done and ready for my ToT FP on our second day in HS before 9:00. It actually sort of messed with my plan because it left us with over an hour to wait to get in line for BatB. So we went to walk on at ST and would have done M3D but it was down. Also, when we were done with our early breakfast at TH around 8:50 KS was open. And on our MK morning they let everyone go about 10 minutes early and we were able to go straight on the rides. They may not do it everyday, but they definitely start before official opening time some days. I am pretty sure we were getting on PotC before there was a wait time posted, because there was no wait.