MK Day Christmas Trip 12/22 updated with new TP

Calling all Disney experts to help me please! This is our MK day CL right now is a 8 . I have listed our “would like to do” We have been to Disney a few times before (never at Christmas) and our past trips followed TourGuid Mike’s plans. Because we are going over Christmas I know we will not get see and do all however in my TP I have listed our “want to do’s”

My questions are-

  1. Is an hour before park open early enough to arrive for rope drop?
  2. Seeing what we would like to do/ride our my FP picks correct? Times correct?
    After we have done what we can we will head back to Hotel for a short rest- Dinner Res at 6:30 -
  3. Tell me how I can make my plan better!

New Plan if able to get SDMT

New Plan if unable to get FP


You have overlapping fastpasses which won’t work. The times can not overlap.

Where do you plan to eat lunch? I would try to map out your plan so that you end up near there at the time you want to eat.

Thanks! I fixed my FP’s! I am still new at this new FP system…First time!

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We are open and will work our tour around lunch we are not picky and would rather tour smarter and eat wherever!

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You’ve now got an hour break between Seven Dwarves and Pooh. I would suggest either optimizing or manually moving some attractions between the two.

I would think Big Thunder would be a better FP than Pooh. Maybe make a copy and play around or let TP optimize for you & suggest FP. Let me link a great post for you!

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THANK YOU for the link to this post!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I followed the directions and here is my new plan! SAVED us 30 min in line! Might skip JC if we don’t want to wait that long!!

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So, this will be your 60+1 day. Just know that SDMT FPP is going to be very difficult, if not impossible to get the day you can do your FPP.

Also, I do not optimize because it always makes you do things that are far from the next thing. Because of some mobility issues in our group we go around the parks in order as much as possible. I put things in the order I want them and only evaluate. I have tried and tried to minimize walking and slow down speed, and it always does things like Space mountain, haunted mansion, monsters inc. laugh floor. That may be the best way to avoid a few minutes of waiting, but the walking more than makes up for it. It is up to you. I just know what we can do.

Edit: did you know that there is a Christmas version of jungle cruise? You might not want to skip it if you have not been there at Christmas time.

Thanks! No I din’t know that there was a Christmas version!! We prob won’t skip it :slight_smile:

I did not know until this year too. None of my family has gone during holidays since 2006 when we all went christmas week. We thought it would be fun, I mean how many people actually pack up their whole families and go to Disney world for Christmas. We were surprised to find that a large portion of the population actually do exactly that. This year DH and I are going at the beginning of the holidays. That is when I found out that the jungle cruise now becomes the jingle cruise for the holidays.


Glad it helped! Here is another useful tool to check out the morning you make FPP BEFORE your window opens. It gives you a chance to evaluate if what you’re looking for is available:

Great thanks I will check it out!! I also made a TP with SDMT taken off my plan so I could see how to adjust my FP’s! Thanks again for your help!!

Horrors!!! You can’t skip JC at Christmas!!!

Oh, good. Phew. Crisis averted.

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