MK crowd level Boo Bash day

What are the crowds looking like at MK on Boo Bash day? Better to avoid MK altogether those days?

I was there on Friday afternoon. The crowds were increasing already and you can see what I saw lining up to get in for the BOO Bash as I was leaving. I think if you were there earlier in the day, but hopped to another park or knew to leave around evening meal time it would be ok. The wait times were lower earlier on in the day (I checked) but increased as the special event ticketed ppl started to come into the park. I left around 8 pm and snapped the pic shown.

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It’s ironic I mostly bought boo bash because I wanted lower crowds but that’s what is bringing the crowds.

Well those ppl picture are coming in for BooB but there are still a lot of ppl in the parks that have to exit too.

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