MK closing at 7 pm on Mon., Nov 17 on NON-MVMCP

Anyone know why MK would be closing early on Nov. 17? There is a MVMCP on the 16th and 2 other nights at the end of that week, but not the 17th. Kind of annoying as that closes MK 4 nights in one week at 7 pm.

Private party? That’s usually what it is if there is no announced event on the calendar.

Who has pp there? Like what kind of money would that cost?

Don’t know about MK, but I’ve read about corporations renting HS for an evening.

Must be a private party or an in-house thing

Geez… If I were a millionaire, only my close and personals would be at MK every November 6th :slight_smile: would even pay anna & elsa to sing happy birthday to me

MKs been closing at 7pm regularly already… I guess its for party mentality and if there are bigger crowds they can easily just add hours.

LIke I said it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the park is closing early 4 days total with the MVMCPs too.

Whew will be at WDW part of that week and the only opportunity to see Electrical parade and Wishes for us is Saturday the 15th. I did a tour plan for that day and according it the TP, we will have plenty of time for everything on our list.

We’re there the 16th-23rd and had a similar problem. So for my MK day, we’ll leave at 7, go to Narcoossee’s for dinner, and watch Wishes from the dock…

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Lol…damn sounds terrible bswan26. :wink: