MK: Can U watch parade, Celebrate & Fireworks in 1 spot?

I’m finalizing our TP for MK. We are hoping to find a spot early and stay in the same place to watch all 3 shows:
9:00 Main St. Electrical Parade
9:45 Celebrate the Magic
10:00 Wishes Fireworks
Would this work to have good viewing of all shows? you can watch all from spot 4

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THANKS!!! This should work - although it sounds like you have to stake this spot out VERY EARLY. Would spot 6 work for all 3 shows?

Yes, but as it states in the blog, one tall person or kid on shoulders in front of you and your view will be partially blocked. The hump (#4) is the best, but will get very crowded.

Note that you can’t stand in the street for MSEP, but you can for the others, so you might want to move a few feet.

Also, #3 & 5 would be terrible for MSEP. You won’t see much at all. They’re fine for the other two shows.

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A Few tips @Gussy30: MSEP are big floats with shiny lights, so you can probably get away from viewing a few rows behind the front (Unless you have really small ones who need a view…) the other two are on the castle so just get a good unblocked view. Directly in front of the castle is ear bursting loud from the speakers and the fireworks in wishes look off to the left and down below. Not a good viewing spot!

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Great tips! As usual, my thanks to you all for being so helpful :slight_smile:

I have never seen this article before. Thanks for sharing!