MK arival time

1/29 is our arrival date. We’ll be heading to Mk after we check in at Pop. So I’m figuring we’ll be headed to Mk about 3. Will we be effected by the parade at all? We’ve got a FP for 7DMT at 4.

Yes you will be impacted by the parade. It usually takes about 15 min or so for it to get to the hub. You should be able to make your 4pm FP without any problems as they keep a walkway open for people to pass by.

Keep in mind, the FP isn’t only for 4pm, it’s for arrival anytime between 4pm & 5pm. So if you get to MK at 3pm, you’ll have almost 2 hours to got to the 7DMT FP check-in. But you’ll likely have no problem getting there by 4pm, anyway.

I figured the 4 pm was a safe bet incase we got a little behind at Pop. Also if the line for Mickey is short, we might pop in there 1st thing to say hello and take some pictures along the way:slight_smile:

What you can do to avoid a good bit of the lines on Main Street is to go in on the right side, then stay to the right near the Theater and Tony’s. Go right to where the side door for Main Street Confectionery and go in, then cut thru til you reach the, I believe it is the 3rd shop, where you exit out the last door on your left. You will be about 1/2 the way up Main Street. Just work your way up thru the crowds to the Ice Cream Parlor, go to the right and follow the path around to til you either reach the walk way to Tomorrowland and go thru there, or continue about another 50 feet and take the walk way to the right which takes you into Fantasy land.
From our experiences this last time, the line for Micky and Tinkerbell can be at only 5 minutes during the parades and fireworks.
Good luck