Mk/ak fpp

It will have been a few years since we’ve been to WDW. Does 7DMT still have a long wait? If we do RD would we be able to get on with minimal wait? What about BTMRR? Or should I try to get a FPP and hit BTMRR? Also, in AK IF we r able to get FPP on FoP I am assuming we can’t get one for the Nav’i River ride? What about EE? Can we do FoP and EE? What is the wait for either of the Pandora rides if we RD? Sorry if these have been asked already.

You have to pick either FoP or NRJ but you then can pick anything. At Rope drop you must be at the park about an hour before opening. If you are that early you can get on FoP with a short wait and then NRJ but if you get there as the park opens FoP line quickly goes to 60-120 minutes.

7DMT does still have longs waits. Even at RD it builds quickly - risk of wasting that early time if you choose to ride it them. BTMRR still has long waits as well. Personally, I would FP 7DMT along with BTMRR and either Splash or Space.

You can always make your touring plan and then see what is recommended based on your ride choices for the day.