MK After Hours

Hi All,

Any chance there will be some returned tickets for the 3/8 party? I was waiting to buy my ticket until I had met my goals required to buy the ticket (fitness related - it’s a reward system and was working very well!) but when I checked this morning the party was sold out.

If there is no chance of me going at this point, I would rather just know it. If there is a slim chance to still attend, I would be interested in hearing it. I just need one ticket for myself.

I thought this might be an issue, but I’ve been wishy washy with that fitness goal and wasn’t sure if I would “earn” the party.

Anyway - if anyone is interested I can make a new post about my upcoming trip. Not sure if that’s done here or not? I’m pretty new around these parts.


The tickets are non-refundable, so if anyone returned them it would be a one-off nice gesture.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up, sorry.

That’s what I needed to know. Thanks!

Due to bad weather at home, I had an unexpected extra day at Disney last month :slight_smile: When I went to the front desk at POP, I was told there were no more tickets available for that night I walked back to my room, and was able to purchase one online. No idea if this helps, but I thought I would share my story.

Thank you! I may just skip it. Turns out I need a good nights sleep Thursday night in anticipation of something on Friday.

But, I may not be able to resist. Thanks for the info!