MK a 3? Are the flowers that good?

Trying to plan an awesome trip for me and the BFF Feb 27-March 3. She is a relative Disney novice and I’m going to wow her with my Liner prowess.

Flower and Garden starts March 1st so EPCOT crowd level jumps to an 8. But MK is predicted to be a CL3 that day! What are the chances that is the case? Will the first day of F&G really draw from the crowds that much? My plan was MK on 2/28 (CL 5) but if it’s going to be CL3 the next day it almost seems too good to miss out.

Also, CL 8 predicted on the first two days of F&G. How bad is an 8 these days at EPCOT? With a good TP, drops, and BG1 will we be loving slushies from France and gazing upon the topiaries? Plan for ILL for GoTG+VQ for the same. Hoping for Remi LL. We will likely skip FEA.

Thanks Liners!

From a Lurker who butts in when I’m actually trip planning.


Lots of bloggers will be at EPCOT opening day of F&G.

Yes I’d hit MK that day.

Since EP will be ultra popular those first few days of F&G, your idea for using BG1, etc. are good ones.

Since FEA isn’t a priority for you, that makes your day easier. You will be able to get an LL for Remy, as many people will focus on hitting up the outdoor kitchens.

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Whoa! Wait a sec. There are outdoor kitchens at F&G?? (My last F&G trip was around 2006 with little kids so I may have missed this detail.) I do believe BFF and I will have to head back to Epcot on Friday and eat/drink our way around WS.

Thanks for the help!